Financial Disclosure

North Valley Surgery Center is Scottsdale’s foremost outpatient surgery center, dedicated to providing its patients with the highest level of care, the latest technologies, experienced and highly-trained staff, and the highest quality surgical experience.

North Valley Surgery Center is owned in partnership with Scottsdale’s most reputable surgeons. We are proud that the active physicians on the North Valley Surgery Center medical staff utilize the center as their primary facility for their patients. The management of North Valley Surgery Center has worked closely with the center’s physicians to ensure that all decisions made that affect patient care meet the highest standards of the physicians. Ambulatory surgery centers are recognized for their lower infection rates, minimal wait times and optimal patient care. In addition to an uncompromised commitment to patient care, we seek to provide our patients and their families with an overwhelmingly positive experience in a friendly and caring environment.

The following is a list of physicians that came together as owners of North Valley Surgery Center to ensure the care you receive meets their personal standards.

Physician ownership includes:

  • Andrew Lowy, DPM
  • Angelo Mattalino, MD
  • Arthur Schurgin, DO
  • Brad Bruns, MD
  • Bradford Gelzayd, MD
  • Bruce Sand, DO
  • Burt Webb, MD
  • Charles Orozco, MD
  • Christopher Lykins, MD
  • Cory Nelson, MD
  • Dan Chapel, MD
  • Daniel Hurley, MD
  • David Simms, MD
  • Don Burgio, MD
  • Donald Sheridan, MD
  • Frank Moussa, MD
  • Gary Weiner, MD
  • Gordon Grado, MD
  • James Plotnik, MD
  • Janet Reiser, MD
  • Jerry Sobel, MD
  • John Bradway, MD
  • Jordan Weiner, MD
  • Keith Zacher, MD
  • Matthew Conklin, MD
  • Michael Gutman MD
  • Mitchell Kaye, MD
  • Peter Cummings, MD
  • Peter Kaiser, MD
  • Richard Jacoby, DPM
  • Richard Martin, MD
  • Robert Mileski, MD
  • Robert Woods, MD
  • Russell Bartels, MD
  • Samuel S. Bailey, MD
  • Sean Brimacombe, MD
  • Sebastian Ruggeri, MD
  • Shepherd Pryor, MD
  • Ted Firestone, MD
  • Thomas Wall, MD
  • Timothy Kelsch, MD
  • Todd Hobgood, MD

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